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Boyd's scent

Blasted-End Skrewts They Are.

Blasts in London. LONDON.

My heart really goes out to everyone who's been through the ordeal and those who've lost their loved ones in the explosions. It's hard to believe something like this would happen sometimes, even though we've been more aware of the threat of terrorism and taken necessary precautions. It's too sudden, too unexpected yet too expected. I'm not making any sense now am I?

Now it seems my problems are so small in comparison. I can't imagine going to school one day and coming home with my family gone in a blast. I'd rather Joleen shove me her coldest, meanest attitude in my face any time.

Those responsible for the bombing deeds are so not amusing me with their many performances of perfecting cowardice. They seriously need to just rot and die. Dementors will love to give them the Kiss and suck their evil and demented souls.

May the Lord watch over the world.