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HBP Thoughts and Acceptance.



JULY 16.

TIME NOW ... 0000hr (GMT +8).

I'm SO excited, I'm practically hopping about! =D

However, I've an inkling of dread seeping into my heart. Part of it comes from the spoilers but most of it is contributed by the reactions toward them.

"Thanks for sharing the spoilers. I'll save on HBP now."

"JKR's a fanfic writer! That can't be! o_O"

Okay, I've a pretty good idea what shippings are there in HBP and I'd say some of us are bound to be disappointed. Probably half of us will.

I'm sick of seeing people flaming/criticising JKR's writing skills because she didn't write their ships. Well, these people are completely missing the point - JKR's the creator of the HP universe, the author of the books, and she has every right to write whatever she likes in the books.

I s'pose shipping is all about interpretation, so if you didn't see ?/? coming, learn to accept it. If you're unable to, at least don't go bashing the ship or something. Or worse still, don't buy/read HBP. D'you really think it's missing out on HBP over shippings? Romance, after all, is only a subplot.

It's like picking up a Knut and throwing away the Galleon. It's like letting your life come to a stop because you cannot move on. And it is worth it?

Having said this, I'm going off to bed. My eyelids are drooping like mad. Got to wake up early. Anyway, I hope I won't see as many of these kinds of response around the fandom after its release or I might actually go off for a good while.

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