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Boyd's scent

December 2012

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Boyd's scent

someone something somewhere

been feeling under the weather nowadays. the heat climaxes here at a solid 35deg celsius. i'm guessing. i'm a sweaty swine everyday and i wish i am exaggerating.

i realised that some parts of singapore do look like europe. take bus 22 or 24 from hub at about 8.40am and look out as you pass the bishan mrt depot. the wide expanse of space above the low-level buildings, the newly installed bus stop appended by an overbridge cleared of people, and the cloudless/cloudful sky. i'm starting to grow old i guess because i'm beginning to appreciate random tiny things like this!

i'm also starting to realise that my attachment isn't meant to teach me more about my discipline or about design but what lies outside of it. it's really less of what is work related, more of... learning to be more people-oriented. no means an easy straightforward task.

been thinking about if i should truly go on to be a full fledged designer, living off a less than ideal salary, constantly running on an irregular schedule, and perhaps wearing daily mask filled with painful zits because sleep has been greatly compromised. while i anticipate some irregularity in my life to avoid monotony;s drone, having worked a few weeks here at SG has had me appreciate a semblance of regular working hours and life. The once in awhile overnight and xiong production/photography shoots balance out the all-too-normal 9-6 working schedule.

I've been asking around, and so far i've yet to find a design job that is regular. if there ever were such a thing, it'd be an oxymoron. so i'm just having doubts.

look. through this post and many others that i've published, it's not hard to tell that i'm obviously more WORDY than VISUAL. to design is more of a challenge than to write in my case. should i play on my strength, or work on my weakness.

i think.

and i might just have found hope in someone. and something tells me, humans regret inactions more so than actions.

in a nice way.