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Boyd's scent

December 2012

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hallo and i have been attached... to a photography+tv commercial studio/production house! been there for a three weeks already!

there's many things i'd love to say, but at the same time, I'm having trouble coming up with the right words.

hm, with another or so 2 months to go, and i'm hoping i can be more a part of the team because afterall it's quite a huge place (compared to the usual design house), and eventually picking up a relevant skill or two! somehow, i do miss doing the 'creative' stuff. at least surely a little. it's a production house, so we get the creative direction from the advertising agency then execute it, yeah. so far, the clients/agencies i've met are all decent people.

and finally i met with a real gaytard. he's 44, buffed like an ox, and is quite proud yet shy about his muscled chest he calls breasts, =) he called me busty and said that he too feels my pain because everyone stares at his chest. honestly was a little weirded out by this tard, but he's harmless and plain hilarious.... and really straightforward and uncensored with his thoughts.

'hey, i don't know your name... you are?'
'oh, i am marilyn.'

all these words came out in his falsetto voice while we were in the production room filled with people all quietly hitting away at their keyboards. and he announced this happily a couple of days back,

'i hate gays and lesbians, and i'm homophobic!'
'i must have been dumped by a lesbian when i was young!!! i hate gays and lesbians!!'

don't think you ever met the funniest gaytard, because i have! and he's like some olive-skinned angmoh (direct translation 'red hair' or caucasian) but he's chinese i'm pretty sure.

my current musical taste has been swinging between those really ambient icelandic/scandinavian songs and electronica of the 80s. yep.


I have no idea what a gaytard is, and I keep thinking your gaytard is a homo until he proclaims he hates gays. "SO SLUTTY YOUR NAME!" Lol.

Homophobic... he's afraid of homo sapiens? people? D:
no he's a real homo.

i call him a gay tard, because he's gay... and he's a retarded in the funny crazy sense. =) he's just being his tarted self when he proclaimed his so called hate for homos. LOL he said the slutty comment the first time he met me... lol till today he still thinks i'm not dressed enough like my name or my body type 'need to be more slutty and giggle like some hehehehehee bimbo.' LOL darn funny man. i mean gaytard.

and he picked himself one of those ambiguous unisex name. quite smart and apt imho.
he's a pretty cool guy. i want to meet him! :>
=) yeah he is cool is his own little way.