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Boyd's scent

December 2012

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Boyd's scent

The Infamous Friending Policy

Not an active eljay. Mostly used for rantings and as an archive for old entries! =)

I've disabled comments after the 156th... because 156 by Mew is one of my all time favourite songs! =)


Marilyn Louisa

If you really want to friend me, just comment on the latest public entry! =D


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*poke* Added ya to my flist! Add me back? <3
No problem-o! I guess I forgot to add you before this! What can I say, it's nearly 2 in the morning here and my eyes are very heavy. ;) Thanks, anyways!
I adore your Friends Only banner! And gack, I haven't talked to you in forever! :-\ And I never see your LJ entries on my Friends page! Hmmm...


Oh yeah, quick question: How do you delete someone from your flist? xD

And wait, I just noticed... Dec. 25, 2010?! Whaaa?!

LOL! I was really busy after - well - school started. Still am! I'm trying to get Deadly Deception back up at the same time. So you don't see me updating for a long, long time!

Well you go to Edit Friends then have seventy2 removed. =)

And - LOL, I couldn't think of a better date! ;) Christmas's is the best!
Hey hun, this is wyvern from F&I and I have come to friend you! Hope that's okay :)
No problem! I'm more than happy to have you! =D
Hey, it's been a while.
And I'm desperately in need of DGH triangle recs.
And I've written a DGH fic... called... Rambling.
AKA It wouldn't leave me alone, and it bugged me overly much.

But chapter 4 is on my lj. Enjoy...
Friend me again? <3
Of course! =D
Hey, this is XX! Friend me (again)! :D

P.S.: Is this a paid LJ? If not, how did you get such an OMGAMAZING layout? Also, how do you make an LJ friends only? I really don't want my offline friends to see mine either.
Sure! =)

No, I wish it was paid though! Nah, just some simple coding (overriding, in LJ's case) here and there. Go to Info under Manage, find the option "Who can reply to your entries" and set it to Friends Only. This should be it!
I added you and what a beautiful FO banner you have *squee*
Ah, thanks! I prefer the header much better, though! ;)
I feel your pain girl. xD Add me, loff!
You're definitely in, Mori! =D
Bonjour! Do you mind if we friend each other? And I absolutely adore your layout. Love the D/G of it all. Simplicity is sometimes best. :)
Of course! The more the merrier! =D And thank you. ;)
Hii! I added you, can you add me back? You're a HP and SOUE fan... yaaay! So am I. :D
LOL, sure! Why not? =DD Btw, I'm just a fan of the ASOUE films (the 1st book made me so sad, I didn't want to continue...), so I hope you won't mind. And be warned, my entries are Teh Bore. ;)

P.S. OMG, you make lovely graphics + icons. Whatever reasons do you want to befriend me, Teh Lousiest Graphic + Icon Maker?!
P.S. Some stunning header you've made! *gushes incoherently*
Hey, Marilyn! :D

This is Tara; I followed the link on the comment you sent me at NL.org (thanks so much!). Could I add you? I miss talking to you! <333
Glad I left the link on purpose! ;) So, you've been - ehh - tricked to come here. And -

OMG, did I just see you listing Draco/Ginny under your interest? And Ron/Ginny? Violet/Klaus, too? WOW. =DD

I definitely miss talking to you! Go ahead, add me! I'll beat you in adding first though. ;)

P.S. Gah! Another one with an awesome layout! Is it my ill luck to have friends with Photoshop skills notches better than mine? Hmm.
For one thing, you're a D/G fan. And I love D/Gers. :D

Second, we have a lot of the same intrests, and we have some of the same friends. Oh, and you like Z/G, which is also really cool because I can never find anyone who does. OH! And you're not an Emma fan ;)

Can you add me?

Sure, why not?

D/G-ers make good online friends (at least for me!)! Z/G's cool but I don't get to read many of these fics. Got any recs up your sleeve? ;) Yes, anti-Emma person here though I'm not really open about it (think of the numbers of her fans...). ;)

You're definitely going on my flist!

P.S. Just be forewarned, my journal's boooring. ;)
Hey what was your username on FAP's F&I? I'm ToOtHpIcK... (you've probably already guessed that)
Yep, seen you around FAP before. I've "abandoned" the shipping threads there for some time already but if you must know, my username is Fedilia. ;)
oooh. Deadly Deception! i am so happy to see it back up and running :)
anyway, i have no friends outside lj either. and hardly any here ;)

add me? i've added you!
Okay, I'm adding you!
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