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Dec. 22nd, 2012


The Personal Feedback Page.

Here goes all the comments/feedbacks you guys have for me.

Do not feel obliged to write me a feedback, but feel free if you want to.

You could use the following format:

Item bought/sold:
Ratings: positive / neutral / negative
Other comments:

Or if you prefer, you can write regardless of the given format. Just indicate positive/neutral/negative.

Thank you for your time!


Dec. 25th, 2010

Boyd's scent

(no subject)

The Infamous Friending Policy

Mostly Friends-locked. Want to be out? In is boring.Collapse )

Feb. 22nd, 2010

Boyd's scent

pure unadulterated, hunger.

 today is one of the rare days i felt hungry, fed myself, and am satisfied.

perhaps even happy.

p.s. i've actually moved livejournals for a year or so, but that one is private for now as i sort out my inner battle.

Feb. 2nd, 2010

Boyd's scent

i really d n't want to th k.

today i record my struggle just to pick up some chinese mustard greens (mei cai). it's a first time i shook, my hands seemed to lock themselves in a very numbing manner... i cannot afford the extra

f: you need to look yourself from above and not feel. it's getting ridiculous and impossible.
m: you're going to --- i keep telling you already until i'm coughing so badly.
f: when i was young, i never made mama worry. you're just making life difficult for others. why?
m: see that day the auntie, couldn't tell.. you're going to die in 3 months time.
f: i don't mind taking care of a blind person, but yours is all in your head. why can't you just take yourself out of it, my rule in life is to take it simply. stop making things difficult. you're going to lose all your friends and relationships.
m: we say say say so much. are you listening or is it going out of the other ear.

i really don't want and know what to think.

Jan. 24th, 2010

Boyd's scent

mad mad mad

i'm feeling angry fucking angry and i want to kick something and throw all food out of the fucking kitchen. and kick something. punch something and see expletives fly

break a cup 

Jun. 5th, 2009

Boyd's scent

someone something somewhere

been feeling under the weather nowadays. the heat climaxes here at a solid 35deg celsius. i'm guessing. i'm a sweaty swine everyday and i wish i am exaggerating.

i realised that some parts of singapore do look like europe. take bus 22 or 24 from hub at about 8.40am and look out as you pass the bishan mrt depot. the wide expanse of space above the low-level buildings, the newly installed bus stop appended by an overbridge cleared of people, and the cloudless/cloudful sky. i'm starting to grow old i guess because i'm beginning to appreciate random tiny things like this!

i'm also starting to realise that my attachment isn't meant to teach me more about my discipline or about design but what lies outside of it. it's really less of what is work related, more of... learning to be more people-oriented. no means an easy straightforward task.

been thinking about if i should truly go on to be a full fledged designer, living off a less than ideal salary, constantly running on an irregular schedule, and perhaps wearing daily mask filled with painful zits because sleep has been greatly compromised. while i anticipate some irregularity in my life to avoid monotony;s drone, having worked a few weeks here at SG has had me appreciate a semblance of regular working hours and life. The once in awhile overnight and xiong production/photography shoots balance out the all-too-normal 9-6 working schedule.

I've been asking around, and so far i've yet to find a design job that is regular. if there ever were such a thing, it'd be an oxymoron. so i'm just having doubts.

look. through this post and many others that i've published, it's not hard to tell that i'm obviously more WORDY than VISUAL. to design is more of a challenge than to write in my case. should i play on my strength, or work on my weakness.

i think.

and i might just have found hope in someone. and something tells me, humans regret inactions more so than actions.

in a nice way.

May. 19th, 2009

Boyd's scent

Scheisse! gastric at 3

LOL eljay just deleted my entry. a little effed but nothing serious. funny though i was ranting about my growing annoyance with 'liberal' people.

even eljay is too liberal to take conservative crap.

well if anythingmy keyboard is gay! so sue me if you can't take me 'that's so gay' kind of talk. ;) until twords like slut becomes a positive remark, dont see how gay= lame is bad. LOL if you're liberal, you should take this in your stride. unless you're as narrow-minded as me! XD at leasr that's what i am to the open-minde,liberal thinking folks.

hm, maybe i'm really mad with eljay and irritated with my soidfsf;eqrf gay eyboard/ afterall

Lord, forgive.

Apr. 26th, 2009



hallo and i have been attached... to a photography+tv commercial studio/production house! been there for a three weeks already!

there's many things i'd love to say, but at the same time, I'm having trouble coming up with the right words.

hm, with another or so 2 months to go, and i'm hoping i can be more a part of the team because afterall it's quite a huge place (compared to the usual design house), and eventually picking up a relevant skill or two! somehow, i do miss doing the 'creative' stuff. at least surely a little. it's a production house, so we get the creative direction from the advertising agency then execute it, yeah. so far, the clients/agencies i've met are all decent people.

and finally i met with a real gaytard. he's 44, buffed like an ox, and is quite proud yet shy about his muscled chest he calls breasts, =) he called me busty and said that he too feels my pain because everyone stares at his chest. honestly was a little weirded out by this tard, but he's harmless and plain hilarious.... and really straightforward and uncensored with his thoughts.

'hey, i don't know your name... you are?'
'oh, i am marilyn.'

all these words came out in his falsetto voice while we were in the production room filled with people all quietly hitting away at their keyboards. and he announced this happily a couple of days back,

'i hate gays and lesbians, and i'm homophobic!'
'i must have been dumped by a lesbian when i was young!!! i hate gays and lesbians!!'

don't think you ever met the funniest gaytard, because i have! and he's like some olive-skinned angmoh (direct translation 'red hair' or caucasian) but he's chinese i'm pretty sure.

my current musical taste has been swinging between those really ambient icelandic/scandinavian songs and electronica of the 80s. yep.

Feb. 21st, 2009

Boyd's scent




Nearly there.

Besides that I don't have anything intelligent enough to say!






Feb. 4th, 2009

Boyd's scent

I should not have written this.

... But I did so anyway.

I've several blueprints of Grand Prix cars to trace and that HORRIBLE A2 poster to design in 2 days time.... OKAY GOSH I HATE COMPLAINING. =D =D

=D =D =D I can do this. =D =D =D

+ that Subway's A2 poster and object
+ Missy Lee's Spa packaging
+ Shirlyn's infographic poster and presentation
+ Pao packaging.

+ portfolio review date


6 projects = 1+ week.

1 project = 1 day

Little wonder why I hate maths. =D =D =D

Misc tasks

+ ask about that that that German design institute. (MUI SIANG)
+ buy that Adobe CS4 premium pack
+ clinch that poster-design job + teaching at student care position, otherwise, forget it. I AM NOT WORKING.
+ stick to my resolutions.
+ sort my items according to colours! =D =D =D
+ hang out with lecturers, friends, family.

STAY OFFLINE. get a domain for online portfolio. borrow that nikon for some portfolio shooting. 


Yes. I'm optimistic.

Lord, help me to deal with life as it is. Help me not to turn away from life's difficulties just because it is a quick but temporal solution. But give me strength, faith and love ------------------- so that I may, in your most Holy Name, triumph.

=D =D =D

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