i <3 my jacket

being a baller.

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Looking 12 and feelin' okay.

Things I need to do this week:

*buy batteries for my keyboard, guitar, and for something else I can't seem to remember.
*work more on the new riff
*start on new art.
*hang out with Kelli at cathedral fallsies or just hang out with her in general.
*clean upstairs
*practice more with dreamweaver
*give ronj a bath
*call fairmont and ask some things.
*have a good laugh

oh shit, it's the 4th of July tomorrow. I totally forgot. Crap. :(
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what's up, good day?

ohhh, today was nice. I went out this evening and just drove for awhile while drinking a moolatte from dairy queen.

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Kelli got home today. That makes me really happy. Hopefully we can start hanging out religiously and get tan by da pool.
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pretty flowers


I'm watching Live 8 right now. Holy shit, it's terrible. Jay-Z and Linkin Park are performing right now. It makes me want to cry. And no, I'm not talking happy tears. Shakira was on awhile ago and was adorable, as usual. I've still got mad love for Jay-Z though, 4r34lz. I don't think I've ever even remotely liked a rap song, but I just don't see how one could hate Jay-Z. He got skillz.

I look like such a huge skank right now. I haven't washed my hair at all, so it's huge. I washed clothes this morning and ended up wearing my dad's orange county chopper shirt with these huge ass pants I wear only in the house. I should be famous for wearing this.

Oh, and my arms are really tanned from yesterday. It's about time.

I'm going to re-vamp my lj layout tonite. I'm already sick of it.

oh no, greenday is doing a queen song. sooooo bad.
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happy michael


I hate how after I take a nap, I feel like someone has kicked my ass. I went to bed at 9 and got up at 11. Today was long and rainy. I layed out for about an hour though thankfully before it started storming. Now my eyes won't stop itching and no one is talking to me. Bleh.

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Things are going good I guess.
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From now on, I'm going to try to be a little more optimistic. Sure things are kind of sucky right now, but time will eventually take care of it. Telling this person how I feel seems selfish. I'm sure that deep down they know I care for them a lot. I hope so. It's all impossible anyway. Especially now. They seem pretty oblivious anyway. I guess it's better that way.
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boredom whore face michael

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I feel like a regular cam whore tonite, although I've only taken these two pictures of myself. Gosh, I feel weird right now. I want to make new music, but I'm feeling terribly uncreative. I think I've ran out of juice lately or something. I wish someone would inspire or make my life awesome or something. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZ.

I think I'm going to post some of my music on purevolume soon. I've been saying that for the past two weeks, but I really do need to. It gets old trying to send it to people and them not having fucking i-tunes. Winamp g4y.
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Just got back from wendy's with Dave. Fun night, although it only lasted for a good 30 minutes I'd say. Nothing is up. Boredom, drawing, music, boredom, listening to coldplay's new songs. God, their new album is incredible. The song "Fix You" makes me want to cry everytime I listen to it, and also makes me want to jump back into writing and become a little more colorful with it all.

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oh yeah, and I just killed this huge ass scary centipede. Fuck. Gah, I'm still shivering. So many things to "blah" about. Feelin' like a bitchy ass.

But atleast armenda is coming over to swim friday. :)
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what the shit??

what's up, fitness?

this morning starting at 4am, I rode an excersize bike with high resistance for an hour, did 100 stomach crunches, 50 push-ups, then yoga stretches which made me end my first in a very long time excersize routine at 6AM. I woke up at 11AM. I plan on doing 10 times more later on today. My abdomen muscles feel so weird. What in the hell is going on with me...

I'm pretty much going to wear down my body and try to build it back up. I need some happy endorphins...and a toner body, duh. I just want to feel good about myself and other things. Yeah.

and I want to buy the new coldplay album soon. It seems incredible, although I've only heard previews of the songs.

oh, and I cam-whored like a motherfucker today with my bed head. I have no shame or excessive amount of self-adoration, so please hold back the hateration. Shit that rhymed, I could be an MC. :(

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what the shit??

stupid day after a wonderful one.

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I've felt like crap all day. Emotionally and physically. It just hit me out of no where. I got up at 10 AM today, stayed in the pool for awhile, came in and then slept from 2pm to 6pm. I just didn't feel like being awake today. I still don't really. I feel like having a good cry. It's been awhile. I think about stuff too much. I think it's because I'm by myself so damn much. It's more than that though. Geez, I really try to avoid making sad posts, but tonite is an exception.

I'm lonely.

Oh yeah, and I made a pretty big livejournal friends cut. I'm not posting names of the people I cut on here because I think that's kind of fucked up. Check your name on my list to see if you're still on there. If you're not, it does NOT mean I don't like you, it just means we have nothing in common or you don't update often. I'm going to start being a little more selective with who I add. Things in my life are taking such crazy turns, and I don't think I owe everyone an explanation about the things that go on in my life. Thanks.
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