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myspace rants and corridor g

Myspace is so filthy. I'm seriously so close to just deleting my profile. It's sickening how people hook up with 5 different people simutaneously on there. And how people post these fucking dumbshit bulletins and also scare the daylights out of me with the audio or video in their profiles. I usually have my speakers up, so yeah. If you're one of the ones that does that, thanks!! I'm hardly interested in making friends using myspace anyway. Livejournal and meeting people in person are the cool ways to go.

ANYWAY, I'm going to corridor g with mom today. i'll hopefully get some fabric so I can practice with sewing. Maybe even some hair dye, I don't know. I do need some acrylic paints because the ones I had somehow vanished and I never have found them. And I just now remembered that my sewing machine is broken. Wonderful. I'll still buy fabric though, duh.

I miss people talking to me and actually making conversation.
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