July 10th, 2005

happy michael

better days.

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Today was alright. I stopped by corridor g to pick up some thangz. Hair products, the new coldplay album, and other stuff I really didn't need but felt the need to buy out of my boredom. X&Y is such an amazing album. It's one of the very few cds I've listened to recently and have felt as though the songs are speaking directly to me (sorry if that sounds stupid). Anyway I love it and would recommend anyone go out out and buy it. It makes me want to work on new music really badly. It really takes a lot to inspire me too musically. I adore it. :)
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    coldplay: white shadows

sinus trouble

I have really cool people in my life. I sometimes wish that they could read my mind so they'd know the extent of their importance in my life. I think that has been one of the main things that has been messing with me lately. I'm bad about getting the feeling that I'm not as important to a person as they are to me, and that really puts a damper on things.

I wish I was better with words so I could express it (the degree of my caring) to everyone I love, but I really doubt it would make a major difference to them. Words are words. Everyone uses them, and they're usually overly elaborate and trite.

shit, I sound retarded. Take me out to the shed and put me out of my misery.
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