July 4th, 2005

i <3 my jacket

being a baller.

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Looking 12 and feelin' okay.

Things I need to do this week:

*buy batteries for my keyboard, guitar, and for something else I can't seem to remember.
*work more on the new riff
*start on new art.
*hang out with Kelli at cathedral fallsies or just hang out with her in general.
*clean upstairs
*practice more with dreamweaver
*give ronj a bath
*call fairmont and ask some things.
*have a good laugh

oh shit, it's the 4th of July tomorrow. I totally forgot. Crap. :(
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happy michael

sup 4th of July?

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happy july 4th, shitheads.

my independence day was bad. I've had a stomach virus all day or something, and no friends to hang out with. But what else is new??! Man, I've been a little bitch-face lately. Kiss my ass.

I'm supposed to visit fairmont sometime this week. I think....blahhhhh. I want medicines of all sorts right now. such a negative nancy.

I want to see people for the 1000th time. And I need a haircut. Total bitching post.
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