July 2nd, 2005

happy michael


I hate how after I take a nap, I feel like someone has kicked my ass. I went to bed at 9 and got up at 11. Today was long and rainy. I layed out for about an hour though thankfully before it started storming. Now my eyes won't stop itching and no one is talking to me. Bleh.

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Things are going good I guess.
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pretty flowers


I'm watching Live 8 right now. Holy shit, it's terrible. Jay-Z and Linkin Park are performing right now. It makes me want to cry. And no, I'm not talking happy tears. Shakira was on awhile ago and was adorable, as usual. I've still got mad love for Jay-Z though, 4r34lz. I don't think I've ever even remotely liked a rap song, but I just don't see how one could hate Jay-Z. He got skillz.

I look like such a huge skank right now. I haven't washed my hair at all, so it's huge. I washed clothes this morning and ended up wearing my dad's orange county chopper shirt with these huge ass pants I wear only in the house. I should be famous for wearing this.

Oh, and my arms are really tanned from yesterday. It's about time.

I'm going to re-vamp my lj layout tonite. I'm already sick of it.

oh no, greenday is doing a queen song. sooooo bad.
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