sinus trouble

I have really cool people in my life. I sometimes wish that they could read my mind so they'd know the extent of their importance in my life. I think that has been one of the main things that has been messing with me lately. I'm bad about getting the feeling that I'm not as important to a person as they are to me, and that really puts a damper on things.

I wish I was better with words so I could express it (the degree of my caring) to everyone I love, but I really doubt it would make a major difference to them. Words are words. Everyone uses them, and they're usually overly elaborate and trite.

shit, I sound retarded. Take me out to the shed and put me out of my misery.
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happy michael

better days.

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Today was alright. I stopped by corridor g to pick up some thangz. Hair products, the new coldplay album, and other stuff I really didn't need but felt the need to buy out of my boredom. X&Y is such an amazing album. It's one of the very few cds I've listened to recently and have felt as though the songs are speaking directly to me (sorry if that sounds stupid). Anyway I love it and would recommend anyone go out out and buy it. It makes me want to work on new music really badly. It really takes a lot to inspire me too musically. I adore it. :)
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myspace rants and corridor g

Myspace is so filthy. I'm seriously so close to just deleting my profile. It's sickening how people hook up with 5 different people simutaneously on there. And how people post these fucking dumbshit bulletins and also scare the daylights out of me with the audio or video in their profiles. I usually have my speakers up, so yeah. If you're one of the ones that does that, thanks!! I'm hardly interested in making friends using myspace anyway. Livejournal and meeting people in person are the cool ways to go.

ANYWAY, I'm going to corridor g with mom today. i'll hopefully get some fabric so I can practice with sewing. Maybe even some hair dye, I don't know. I do need some acrylic paints because the ones I had somehow vanished and I never have found them. And I just now remembered that my sewing machine is broken. Wonderful. I'll still buy fabric though, duh.

I miss people talking to me and actually making conversation.
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good times.

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well here's my new haircut. It's very artsy fuck. Just thought I'd make my contribution to the world by posting a picture of myself instead of my friends. After all, that's what I'm all about isn't it? Oh yeah and you better comment or else I'll curl up in a little ball and go into convulsions. After all, THAT'S THE REASON WHY I HAVE AN LJ OMFG

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i &lt;3 my jacket

the way things are.

I'm the biggest piece of emotional shit that I know. I can say that and fully bask in my emotional piece of shit glory. I think things through way too much and am constantly worrying. That's no way to be at all. Especially at this age. It's difficult to tell yourself that though. Although I can say and know that I'm thinking too much about things, I can't seem to consciously wrap this shit around my fingers and stop these bad habits.

I don't really know what brought all of this on. Actually I do. But yeah, I'm now in a process of cleaning things up for myself and being a little more realistic. I think some things are simply made for not happening. And this whole thing I've wanted to flourish since so early on seems to remain the way it has been for awhile. I wish I could just let it all out to someone, but it's a lost cause. I need to start taking control of my own emotions and stop waiting for someone to make me happy.

My livejournals are becoming annoying anymore. I have a big heart that beats rapidly, and it's kicking my ass lately.

My stomach muscles are so sore from this virus. I feel like crap today too. I think today is one of those days where I'll just stay in bed and hopefully feel recooperated by tonite. Well I'm going to make like Stella and try go get my groove back. Shit yah'll, you know that was fly.

small hands


boring day. rainy, gross. Tomorrow should make up for that though because it'll be cathedral falls day with Kel. I'm excited about laying out there for some reason. I just feel nice when I'm up there. I pray that it doesn't end up raining on us.

I took pictures with my puppy this morning. Everytime the focus light would hit her, she'd turn her face. So yeah, you can't see a lot of her face in them. Blah. She hates cameras.

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My life has pretty much consisted of writing with riffs lately, practicing dreamweaver, working on a zine, and looking forward to the rest of my summer. I plan to make it great from here on out. It shouldn't be anything less than that.
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happy michael

sup 4th of July?

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happy july 4th, shitheads.

my independence day was bad. I've had a stomach virus all day or something, and no friends to hang out with. But what else is new??! Man, I've been a little bitch-face lately. Kiss my ass.

I'm supposed to visit fairmont sometime this week. I think....blahhhhh. I want medicines of all sorts right now. such a negative nancy.

I want to see people for the 1000th time. And I need a haircut. Total bitching post.
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