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i just finished watching the most beautiful film ever.

i've never encountered a film that could trigger so many emotions and so many thoughts at one moment.

i can definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to feel.

until now, i had never experienced a brutal heart break from a third party perspective.

i love this movie. and i refuse to put the title.

it's a secret i intend to share with those i feel would appreciate it most.

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taken from violetlime
Copy this list of 10 authors. Remove the ones you don't have on your shelves and replace them, back up to 10 authors, with those you do.

1. Alexandre Dumas
2. Friedrich Nietzsche
3. Karl Marx
4. Anne Rice
5. Sophocles
6. Plato
7. Charlotte Bronte
8. Franz Kafka
9. Emily Bronte
10. Nathaniel Hawthorne