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e x p e l l i a r m u s

spell that causes opponent's weapon to fly out of their hand

_ _ _ e x p e l l i a r m u s
5 October
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Harry Potter

17+. 5th Oct. Female. Single. Singaporean. Chinese. (Not yet baptised) Christian. Full-time NAFA student. Part-time Cold Storage Siglap cashier. Loves God, her family and her friends. Waiting for her Mr. Right.
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still a little girl (:
There ain't nothing God can't do.

Friends: 90%; Public: 10%

Previously from zynixis and brokenlyricals. Is now at themoonlitwalks.

This journal is a collective of all my lyrics for my band, "GLAM" "Incognita" myelf. :D

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I am worth $1,242,020.

Frank Is Love