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I thought I was a fool for no one

Oh baby, I'm a fool for you <3

3/24/11 08:40 pm - Road Trip!!

This weekend should be fun! Victoria, Brad, Allison and I are all going on a little road trip to Toronto Saturday through Monday. Were probably going to go to Niagara Falls on Saturday, Sunday is the Ellie Goulding show in Toronto, and then driving home Monday. I'm excited to get out of the country for a few days :)

2/8/11 11:43 am

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” -Aristotle


1/12/11 10:40 pm

Well, my birthday is Monday, so I'm having a get-together this Friday at Coyote Joe's. They have this "Free Party Friday" deal where the people in my party who show up by 8:30-8:45pm get free cover, well drinks, draft beers and pizza from 8-10pm. I'm excited for the free stuff and to have all my friends together :) Saturday, Ryan is taking me to Katana (if you don't know it's a super nice restaurant that is compared to Benihana or Shogun). I can't wait to nom on some sushi! I may go out again Saturday night because some of my younger friends who have not yet turned 21 can't get into Coyote Joe's, so I'm thinking Snookers then. Monday, Ryan and I will finally use the Dinner and a Movie certificates his mom got us for Christmas. The certificate is for dinner at Red Robin and a movie at AMC.

Turning 24 is pretty uneventful besides FAFSA considering me an adult finally and only using my income and not combining it with my parent's...That'll come in handy for next semester. Speaking of school, I started classes up again this week. I'm taking Psych, Intro to Film and an Aerobic Dance class for my PE credit. I'm pretty happy with my instructors so far, so that's always good. I'm hoping the Aerobic Dance class is a good work out ;) ;)

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Until next time.........

12/23/10 12:44 am - Holidaysss

It's been a few months...still unemployed, still looking for work. Fortunately I am receiving unemployment. It's been tough with the holidays. Ryan has been paying for a lot of things and I'm so thankful for him. Speaking of holidays, I got a new laptop from Ryan as an early Christmas gift :) I got him a small gift due to the fact that I'm broke, but I don't think he expects me to get him anything, so I think that makes it all the better. We have a packed weekend ahead of us... Christmas Eve dinner at Ryan's aunt's and his mom's house. Christmas Day dinner at my parent's house and then over to Dan and Sue's to give their kids the gifts we bought them.

Not much else to talk about, so goodnight LJ world!

9/9/10 10:07 am - Hello livejournal...

I was let go from my job on Tuesday and am now jobless... I'm happy that I never have to return to that terrible, stressful job again, but am nervous about finding another job. I applied for unemployment as soon as I got home and hopefully I will find out about that asap.

I started school on the 3rd and that should keep me busy. It seems like these classes should be pretty good. I enjoy the fact that I have Victoria in my classes with me. Our American Government teacher seems pretty awesome.

I'm hoping to get back into shape now that I'm not sitting on my ass at a job I hate for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Ryan said he'd buy me a treadmill when I find one on craigslist. I hope someone effing emails me back about one lol. It will be so much easier on my lungs to run inside in a controlled temperature. Gotta love asthma :-P

Ummm..I think that's all the new things happening in my life. Later lj fwends :)

8/10/10 01:14 pm - Life...

I hardly ever post anything on here, and when I do I feel like I have so much to say but can never think of anything lol. So I will update my life as of now...

I'm still living in Eastpointe with the love of my life. We now have roommates, Brad and his dog Oliver. He's really easy to live with thankfully. Ryan and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary in April <3 I'm still waiting for him to pop the question....but we talk about it all the time and I'm sure it'll happen sometime soon. I can't imagine living my life with anyone else. Anyway, enough with the sappy love stuff...

My very good friend Ivan Nikolov is in the process of being deported. He's been locked up in Battle Creek, MI since May. All of his friends are rallying together to fight this. He was brought here from Russia when he was 11 years old with his mother who is also getting deported (or may have already been deported, I'm not sure). I have high hopes that were going to work this all out and get him back. Let me know if you want to help out! I posted an even on facebook and invited everyone on my friends list. All you have to do is call a number. It takes a minute of your time and will help out such a great person.

I'm going back to school next month. I'm going into the DMS (Diagnostic Medical Sonography) program at OCC. I'm so excited to get back. I can't wait to have an awesome career. This is something I've always thought about doing :) Victoria and I are actually taking classes together because she's going into the same program.

I'm about to lose my job at Asset, but I'm not worried too much. I absolutely cannot be a debt collector... They give you a goal of a certain amount of money you're supposed to collect in a month and I haven't hit the goal yet. I guess I'm just too nice. So I was given a write up last month saying I have 30 days to get 100% of goal or I'm terminated, well they effed up the paper work and didn't have a specific date on the write up and so they had to keep everyone on it for another month and give another write up with a specific date. So I have until the end of August. Thankfully they will most likely pay me unemployment until I can find something else. There's not much out there tho :-/

I have a dentist appt. at 3pm. My face is swollen from my wisdom teeth coming through. I have to go get ready for that...

4/23/10 08:13 pm - Stolen from Amber.

1. I like.... the weekend. A lot.
2. The happiest time.... is when I'm with the people I love.
3. I want to know.... why things never go my way :-P
4. Back home.... I love to lounge around a lot.
5. I regret.... not staying in school when I went back to college.
6. At bedtime.... I cuddle with my puppy dog and boyfriend.
7. Men... are confusing at times.
8. The best.... thing is sleeping in. lol
9. What annoys me.... are mostly stupid little things.
10. People..... I deal with at work are ridiculous.
11. A mother.... is something I would love to be someday.
12. I feel.... lazy right now and I really should be working out.
13. My greatest fear... is not being able to pursue a career.
14. In school... I had really good grades.
15. I can't.... seem to pry myself off this couch *yawns*
16. Sports... like baseball and hockey are pretty awesome :)
17. When I was a child.... I couldn't wait to grow up, now I wish I was a kid again.
18. My nerves.... are nervey?
19. Other people.... think I look like Kirsten Dunst...I don't see it.
20. I suffer.... from anxiety. :-/
21. I failed.... to notice it is just about 8pm... Where did the time go!?
22. Reading.... is one of my favorite past-times.
23. My mind.... keeps me up most nights.
24. The future.... is something I think about often.
25. I need.... lots and lots of money lol.
26. Marriage.... is something I would really like someday soon.
27. I am best when... I'm with my friends and/or family.
28. Sometimes... I just want to walk out of my job and quit.
29. What pains me... is my stomach right now, I ate too much Subway haha.
30. I hate... my health issues.
31. This place... is pretty easy to live in.
32. I am very.... exhausted.
33. The only trouble... with filling these things out is I get bored really easily.
34. I wish... my dreams would come true....NOW. lol
35. My father.... is the best daddy in the world!
36. I secretly.... (but not so much a secret) want him to buy that ring ;)
37. I.... wish this one wasn't so vague...
38. Dancing... is something I kind of miss. I danced for 8 years...
39. My current worry is... it wont happen anytime soon :-/
40. Most women... aren't like me.

3/30/10 07:57 pm - Ohh life...

Ryan and I will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary on April 16th and he is taking me to Chicago for the weekend afterward (April 23-25). I'm pretty excited because, for one, I've never been to Chicago, and two, I get to get away with my love <3

I got a new car...It's a 2009 Chevy Aveo LS and it only had 11,000 miles on it :) I like it, but I still miss my Cobalt. I do like the fact that the new car is less than a year old tho, I got a pretty good deal.

I have to go to court on Thursday to fight the ticket I got from the accident. They gave me one for driving too fast on the on-ramp for the weather condition. First of all, the cop wasn't even there when I got into the accident and secondly, I wasn't even up to the speed limit yet...I had to merge with the traffic. I hit black ice...I could have been going 30 and spun out, the on-ramp was that bad. So I'm hoping they'll throw it out, but I doubt it...If anything I just don't want the points. Wish me luck!

I should probably go work out now.........ehhh lol.

3/2/10 07:00 am - Sun Sets and Car Crashes....

Well, my wonderful car is no longer with us...she smashed into a wall and then across 696 into another car because of damn black ice. I'm alright, besides the pain the seat belt has caused in my chest, but now I have to find a new car and it's stressing me out. I did get some good news, AAA is most likely paying off my loan. I still owe about $10,000 on it because I've only had the car 4 months....luckily since it only had around 18,000 miles on it I will be getting more than usual back on it. Ryan has been nice enough to let me drive his truck to work and Dan has been nice enough to drive him to work and take him home every day. I cannot wait until I have my own car again, I hate this whole "one car family" type deal. It sucks. Hopefully I'll find a great car soon and I wont have to deal with it much longer.

Anyhow, I have to go get ready for work now. Going to see Alkaline Trio & Cursive afterward :)!

1/12/10 06:04 pm - January...

January means I get another year older... I'm not so excited about turning 23. I'm excited tho, because Ash and I are having a joint birthday party on Saturday. It will be good times with good friends and lots of good drinks ;)

Right now, I'm watching Say Yes to the Dress and it's really making me want to pick out a dress....I guess I should probably wait until I actually have a ring and a proposal lol. It's weird because we talk about getting married all the time, but I have no fricken idea when he's going to ask me. It's making me super anxious.

Well, I should probably get ready to leave.....
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