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Shary Love

... and she lived happily ever after

24 February 1987
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  1. To cause (a body part) to turn inside out by eversion of an inner surface.

  2. The protrusion of some part or organ from its normal position

Shary Love

I started going by Shary in middle school. I'm in my twenties and I'm sometimes just as confused as I was back then. I am a licensed massage therapist. I am a DONA trained doula. I'm crafty... I sew, crochet, and am constantly thinking "How can I make that?". I like mythology. I am obsessed with ancient Egypt. I am spiritual. I write a lot and I have pen pals. Naturally, I collect stationary. I am very fond of Happy Mushroom and Crux Elephant & Favorite. I like everything about autumn and I hate the winter snow. I like Halloween best. I am getting into gardening. I am learning to be more self-efficient. I love anatomy & physiology and am obsessed with all things childbirth. I'm on the path to becoming a midwife. I am full of emotion. I am full of love.


My pregnancy with the little one led me to discover midwifery. Sadly, like a majority of people I knew back then, I never knew midwives even existed. I had a wonderful pregnancy and an amazing childbirth. As a massage therapist and somewhat of a fanatic over everything pregnancy/childbirth related, I took the steps to become certified in Massage for Motherhood. It was during this training someone suggested I become a doula. So I did. I began assisting a midwife in the summer of 2009. It was then I realized I wanted to become a midwife. I began nursing school. Although I have since decided on traditional midwifery, I will complete nursing school first so I can work myself through the training. Ultimate goal: midwifery. Course of action: baby steps.


Gaia Rachelle was born naturally on 12/09/07. She has beautiful tan skin and almond eye shapes. She's a tall and skinny. She's happiest in the mornings and we are happy to wake up next to her each day. She likes to be worn when we go out. She smiles for the camera. She's fascinated by her hands and feet. She likes to sprawl out when she's sleeping alone, but at night she curls up into my tummy as if she never came out. We call her Babylove, Suckerfish, and Tinys. She is beautiful.

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