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Wow, I haven't posted in this thing in ages. Does anyone even go on lj anymore?

Alright, so, general life update. I'm settling into my new home. I've been staying at Dave's house but I'll be moving into his bro's fiance's house sunday. Beats staying with his parents and we really don't want to live together like this before the marriage (which, holy crap, is not that far away and we haven't done jack shit).

The weather here owns over Jersey. It's not humid and icky and it gets nice and cool at night. We haven't been doing much cuz we're flat ass broke and are in debt now because, wow, who'd have thought moving across the country would be so expensive? Not me. We did go to the fair, which was nice. We were planning on going to this sweet looking water park nearby but again, brokez. I did just find out they increased my credit limit on my cc, so maybe I'll just put it on that. I'm already in debt, so f it, I need to go. If we pay things off the way we have it planned we can be out of debt to everyone in 4 months. Then we can start going in debt again for the wedding. yay.

I'm trying to find shit to do in the area. I do have to go job hunting but I need fun stuff to do too. There's a comedy club we wanna go to, and there are hot springs somewhere around here too. That's already more than I ever really did back home. I haven't been keeping in contact with anyone, mostly because I'm lazy but I promise I'll get better with that, if anybody relevant is reading this.

Maybe I'll post pics soon.