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friends only
♥add me♥
♥live happily ever after♥

*i update too much
*promote if you like, but keep the banners appropriate
*im not very interesting
*don't yell at me for complaining. it's my lj, and ill do as i please with it.
* * *

friends cut.
i deleted some peeps who
a)dont read mine
b)dont really like me
c)etc etc

if you want me to add you back i will, but you probably don't want to :]

[EDIT: I didnt do this to guilt people into commenting...just sometimes...lj friends dont click. there are some people's ljs i LOVE reading but never comment and some people who comment me and i dont comment them back...
lj is not about comments, it's about release, relating...things of that nature.

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a question
a concern
a wish
a hope
the first thing that comes to your mind.

justttttttttttt doooooooooooooo itttttttttttt
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