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blood over water

so now the question arises

who to invite to christmas. not a decision i have to make or one i think id even be able to make. i over heard my grandmother talking to my parents about the dilema over who to invite to the family christmas gathering. my aunt and her new 'money maker' (as you can tell you know where i side) and my god father. if my aunt goes she's not going to go alone (so she'll take mr ibm), and if she goes my uncle might not go and if he doesn't go some of my cousins might not go. (well at least thats what i fear)

my family has been through this kind of situation before, but never have we had to choose over blood. i've been too young to understand really what was going on i suppose, but this time i know exactly whats going on and thats what i fear the most. having to choose.

ive never been one that has been good with making choices. i am one of those people who just does with it then regrets things later. i honestly don't know what i will do or say if she is there. she's been there for me, but i cannot be there for her now. and nothing anyone can say will make me change that. im sure there will come a time when i may regret it, but i will worry about that when the time come. for now i can only hope for the best and wish no one ever has to make the choice of blood over water.



one year

two years

My Vacation

So I flew into Houston on Thursday night. I'm on a long awaited and needed break from work. As much as I like doing what I do there's only so much someone can take before breaking. 11 more months and I'll have what it is I'm waiting for. Something to show for my years of service. Enough about work....

I've gotten to play a few games of beer pong. I'm not very great to say the least, but I did beat my cousin and his girlfriend at least once. Went to the Willowbrooks Mall today. Saw some shoes I want but don't really want to pay 50 dollars for. Maybe I'll go back for them before I leave. 


How does it feel,
To know your everything I need.


So I said I was going to write in this thing more often which I have not really been keeping up with. 

A lot has happend since my last post. It has been about a month. 

I think it is now offical that I have given up on the Alamo Drafthouse. 

I got another raise at work. $7.75/hr is what they throw at me now instead of thank you's. "That's why you get paid the big bucks." That term has been thrown around by our general manager a few times instead of a simple thank you. Goes to show how much we are appreciated. I nagger rigged a projector today. Btw if anyone laughed at the last sentence, you're cool. At least if you can explain why you laughed. Rewired the shit out of that bitch. My wrist has been bothering me for the past few weeks. Probally as a result of moving movies every thursday night for the last year and a half. I should probally have that checked out.

I realized last weekend how lame people can be. Especially those that hold grudge and never get over them. I guess it's what happens when you have big fallouts with people that you once considered a friend. I'm not too hung up about it. It is just funny how someone can so intentionally be a dick to your face. I didn't want a hug anyways bitch. hah. A few of you know what I'm talking about. 

Fuck kamra is lame! I just got excited because I found out I had an orange soda left in my fridge. Took a drink, set it down. BAM! It's all over the floor now. Sigh guess I'll have a diet coke. 


Music lyrics:

"And if you’re well off, well then I’m happy some for you.
But I’d rather not celebrate my defeat and humiliation here with you."


how many of you have seen the rose girl around mcallen?


i am  in fact as my mother said obsesed.

care to know what about? IM or leave a comment. 


the answer is Scrubs, I'm not crazy. :]


The answer was blue. 

The view is not very spectacular today, this week, this month.
High chances for a storm.


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