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___cynic's Journal

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Stephanie Marie
8 October 1987

this journal is friends only. add me, and i'll probably add you back.

stylesheet by refuted
acoustic guitars, against me!, batman, being impulsive, being stoked about life, berry buck mills stipe, biting, blueberry-flavored things, bob dylan, books, booze, breakfast for dinner, bret easton ellis, bruises, charlie kaufman, christian slater, chuck palahniuk, coffee, comme des garcons, cooking, counting crows, courtney love, diet chocolate fudge soda, drinking on the sidewalk, driving aimlessly, drunk dialing livejournal, earl grey tea, elliott smith, elvis presley, eternalsunshineofthespotlessmind, fashion blogs, feeling infinite, francesca lia block, freaks and geeks, free speech tv, gin, gnomes, guilty pleasure music, gutter punks, gypsies, having adventures, having crushes on professors, hot cocoa, hufflepuff, hunter s. thompson, inside jokes, jesus christ, jimmy stewart, john paul george ringo, johnny hobo, juergen teller, libraries, licorice, long soft scarves, looking at the stars, loving from afar, lying in the grass, making mixtapes, making people laugh, marilyn manson, mid-afternoon naps, nail polish, notebooks, pabst blue ribbon, pee-wee herman, pens, peppermint tea, peter pan, pirates, pistachio ice cream, playing the harmonica, pot, psychology, punk rock, quentin tarantino, r.e.m., random text messages, rum, running away, scary gary busey, singers with bad voices, sleeping in my car, sleeping outside, sleeping with people (literally), slightly crooked teeth, sneaking onto playgrounds, sociology, soul calibur, stargirl, staying up late reading, strolling through cemetaries, tambourines, tarot cards, tattoos, ted leo, the graduate, the office, the who, too much eye makeup, trees, walt whitman, wes anderson, whiskey, windows down radio up, woody allen, yoga, zines

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