sarah (___corvus) wrote,


we owned a fucking canyon for the nigh and took full advantage.

so worth it.

alex: "you look like a dude."
our two hour hike led to this beauty:

about half our group, rosita and i being the only girls.

alex jumping from halfway up the clif.

that's john doing the death jump [top of the clif].

our camp site was inside a patch of stupid poison oak that all the boys and i were deadly paranoid of [we still have our rashes from a month ago.]

my house that i carried.

that's my "don't bother me, i'm eating." glare.

the boys threw about thirty glow sticks in the punchbowl at night so everything would light up.

the next day we hiked another couple miles upstream to an amazing little water-filled canyon with a natural waterslide to the left and the boys built a ropeswing to the right. it was our very own playground in the wild.

alex and max trying to toss the firehose over the tree.

the first photo is of the view of the ceiling of that canyon. the second one is of the five mille hike back.

two whole days of running around in bootyshorts because i could, speaking as loudly as we could in the dead of night because there were no adults to tells us to keep quiet, jumping 60 feet off cliffs into icy water, feeling immaculate as a water nymph under the waterfalls, watching the boys build a damn drunk [yeah that was weird], setting off fireworks in the middle of the night [max and john did that and pissed everyone off], giving up on burning logs and substituting them with glow sticks, body spray, and dirty socks to start a fire instead, and pissing in patches of poison oak was TOTALLY AMAZING.
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