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the controlled experiment. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[27 Aug 2007|11:24pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

so old. :)
so old

5 _touch the wild side.

[28 Nov 2005|09:57pm]
you're all just seasons

Fitch, Janet [18 Oct 2005|02:22pm]
Love. I would ban the word love from the vocabulary. Such imprecision. Love, which love, what love? Sentiment, fantasy, longing, lust? Obsession, devouring need? Perhaps the only love that is accurate without qualification is the love of a very young child. Afterward, she too becomes a person, and thus compromised. "Do you love me?" you asked in the dark of your narrow bed. "Do you love me Mommy?"
"Of course," I told you. "Now go to sleep."
Love is a bedtime story, a teddy bear, a familiar, one eye missing.
"Do you love me, carita?" Lydia says, twisting my arm, forcing my face into the rouch horsehair blanket, biting my neck. "Say it, you bitch."
Love is a toy, a token, a scented hankerchief.
"Tell me you love me," Barry said.
"I love you," I said. "I love you, I love you."
Love is a check, that can be forged, that can be cashed.
Love is a payment that comes due.

[07 Oct 2005|11:16pm]
[ mood | really fucking happy ]

osirisryder25: wassup
pieces of beauty: I HAVE A BOYFRIEND
osirisryder25: R U SERIOUS
pieces of beauty: YES
osirisryder25: SARAH .. BOYFRIEND
pieces of beauty: I KNOW
osirisryder25: what is this world coming too.

9 _touch the wild side.

my thought processor needs an on/off switch. [20 Sep 2005|03:28pm]
[ mood | overflowing. ]

friends who've known me for quite a while ask me now why i've grown so soundless in the last year or so. they say i wasn't always like this. i usually answer "because i don't have much to say anymore."

oh, but that's a lie.
the truth is that i have so much to say, so much to convey, to slip into your pockets, to write into novels, to scream off your rooftops, that when i try to speak, my brain and mouth get crammed with all the words and urges and emotions, that it's so much less stressful not to say anything at all.

9 _touch the wild side.

headlines: ROSITA SURVIVES CAMPING TRIP [18 Aug 2005|08:05pm]

_______Collapse )
8 _touch the wild side.

remember sobriety? i don't [07 Aug 2005|01:57am]
this is currently the summation of our recent days:

come save us.
7 _touch the wild side.

[16 Jul 2005|09:01pm]
[ mood | spinning ]

my skin is alive

my heart needs a vacation from my brain. [02 Jul 2005|10:33am]
[ mood | thinking ]

i've done it again. i've just thought myself into another circle.

[02 Jun 2005|12:53am]
[ mood | hollow ]

Another day, another suicide.Collapse )

Michael's dead and it's my birthday.

18 _touch the wild side.

[08 May 2005|05:58pm]
eleven weeks

[04 May 2005|11:35pm]
someday I will look back on this experience no longer bitter, knowing that I've somehow in some strange way learned from it.

but that's someday.

[18 Apr 2005|10:48pm]
i don't particularly enjoy any of you at this point.

this is your wake up call. [20 Mar 2005|07:16pm]
[ mood | falling ]

FourStrungSound: then what do you want to do, besides running away
pieces of beauty: i don't know
pieces of beauty: i'd like to be a garden gnome
FourStrungSound: and just how would you go about doing that?
pieces of beauty: don't know

hello and welcome to the rest of your life.

[08 Mar 2005|10:58pm]
[ mood | ahahaha ]

i'm sitting here laughing my ass off because i just received word that Hana has lost yet another cell phone to her monstrous toilet. her txt reads this:
"TroOPER died today- he fell in the toilet"

[27 Feb 2005|03:51am]
have you noticed that the older you get, the less rolly pollies you find?

lonely and devlish, apparantly. [19 Feb 2005|11:58am]
[ mood | forgotten ]

and here i am, again. here i am left under the doormat to be used for another catastrophic day.
as for yourself, you're just another medicine.

Cherish your youth. [30 Jan 2005|12:20am]
"everything will be okay

in the end.

if it's not okay,

it's not the end."

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