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Trent Report.

Heard from Trent. Yep. The man, himself. Still alive. ^_^

he's going to make a LJ 'in thoery'. lol. so... yeah. i'm... *sigh* I don't know. It's confusing. Almost three weeks and I finally get ahold of him? I think it's him. I'm convinced it's him. So... *shrugs* What if it's not him? I don't know. The thing is... I knew that it was Trent, but my mom... she's like how do you know if that is Trent? I dont know... I just... it's complicated. And now it's got me thinking. What if it's not. But it's *HAS* to be him, ya know?

Trent's LJ

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Almost three weeks, since my best friend, Trent left. He went to Texas to visit this guy he'd met online. Crazy, I know. I told him that he shouldn't go. That bad things happen to people like that. People who meet people online and never come back.

Basically. I'm pissed. I'm mad at him. And I'm mad that didn't call me, like he SAID he would. :( So, I don't know what I'm going to do. I hope he comes back this week, cuz if he doesn't I'm going drive down to Texas and bring his fat ass back here. Or call the police. [Stephanie's Idea]

I just hope that nothing is wrong. That he's ok. because I couldn't deal with losing another person I love in my life, right now. I can't.