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what can't we face... if we're together?

So I've been thinking lately. Things are so different and confusing right now. I don't know what to do when it comes to my life. Family. Friends. School. & last, Love. *scoffs* Love sucks. I'm not in love, but I definetly have a idea.

The thing is... I don't know if I like feel anything right now. I mean, I used to feel feelings about people, but lately I've been detached. Which is weird because I always viewed myself as a attached-person. So, do I like him? No. Yes. Maybe. *sigh* It's not going to happen. It never will. I should give up on him. On them.

Off Topic: I GOT to see Brokeback Mountain. GOT. to see. I was hoping to watch it Friday, but it's not out yet. Damnit.