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Willow Rosenburg/Severus Snape

Willow Rosenburg/Severus Snape
OH MAN. I'm going to post one every week now.

Pick a crossover ship from any two fandoms. There are no restrictions - the show can be cancelled, it doesn't matter just pick a pairing you think would be interesting. Then do the following questions, etc.

Willow Rosenburg/Severus Snape

1. Do you cross ship the characters with other people?
Sometimes but I think that Willow can relate to Snape more than say... anyone/Snape. Haha. I like Willow/Remus too. They are simliar.

2. Does it bother you to see one of the characters paired with another character, crossover wise?
It depends. I don't like Willow with Harry or like... Sirius. I love Willow/Remus but... I don't like Snape/Harry... EW *gag* I like Snape/Hermione though. In my opinion I see Willow/Hermione the same people. So... it's all good. However... Hermione/Oz? I'd have to think about that.

3. Do you have a ship outside the crossover with the two people?
Willow/Tara and Willow/Spike [OTP].

4. Could you actually see your crossover ship working or do you just base it on the hotness of the two characters?
I could see it. At first Willow would be like all trying to talk to him and he's like emo and then they hang out and he becomes fond of her and it's all good. I can't say that they are hot. Willow's cute and Snape is like.... well depends on Book!Snape vs Hot!Rickman!Snape.

5. If you could come up with one storyline for your pairing, it can involve other characters, what would it be?
Storyline. Willow gets accepted to Hogwarts or works there. Yeah, works there is better and is a professor and wackyness ensues. I can't see Snape in Sunnydale. It'd be WEURD. Other characters would be like... Xander with Hermione or something like that.

6. Be honest if your crossover ship could have a threesome who would be the other character?
EH. I don't like the threesomes.

7. Did you have to see imagery[icons, videos, etc;] to ship the crossover ship you chose?
Um.... I don't believe so. I think I looked them up for curiousity and found some about them.

8. Last, but not least, what is the forbidden crossover ship that you would just UGH at seeing? How does it realate to the crossover ship you chose?
Willow/Dumbledore. Hhhaha.