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            Scott convinced me to go. Actually it was Allison’s doing. A while ago Allison took me shopping for some ‘girly’ clothes. Stuff I’d normally not wear since I considered myself more of a tomboy. I acted more like a boy than Scott but that’s not really saying anything.

            Allison bargained with me and I ended up getting this red and white striped shirt and a tight as hell pair of jeans. She wanted me to wear high heels but, being the klutz I am, I wore my worn out converse shoes. I hated that she put makeup on me. “Come on,” I though, “I look like a clown.”

            I feel uncomfortable. It’s cold outside, waiting in the line outside of the club sucks. I hate you, Scott. I wonder if Lydia will be here tonight, probably with Jackson. I’ve been in love with Lydia since I first met her. Even though she’s friends with Allison now, she still doesn’t notice me. I’m sure that if I had a power, it’d be invisibility.

            Lydia is a goddess. Not only is she popular, she’s freakishly intelligent. That’s why we’d be perfect, both smart and well, that’s it. I’m not gorgeous like her but I’d provide much provided comedic relief to our relationship. She’s short, 5’4 at least. Deep strawberry red hair, flowing locks, green eyes, red plump lips…. Yeah, I’ve got it bad for her.

            I can feel the ground and see the walls shaking from the music inside. Stupid pants, still tight. Some guys are eying me up. Sorry guys, I don’t drive stick. Actually I don’t drive anything. There’s no driving for Stiles. Not even any gear shifting for Stiles.

            “Damn it, Scott.”

            Scott turns away from Allison, his goofy grin pisses me off.


            “Why did you take me here?”

            “It’ll be fun, trust me?”

            I sigh loudly so loud a few strangers turn and look at me odd.

            “Lydia’s going to be here tonight.”

            My heart skips a beat hearing her name but it dies down when I realize Jackson’s going to be there with her. I really hate that guy. Not because of him dating Lydia but he’s a just a huge asshole. He was captain of the lacrosse team, until Scott…. Had that ‘incident’ and ended up being our new lacrosse team captain.

            “Yeah but with Jackson.”

            Scott’s smile drops and look at me with those lame sad eyes.

            “You know St— ”

            “It’s okay, Scott. I’m okay. I’ve faced the fact,” I shiver when a cold breeze hits me, “that she’ll never notice me. I don’t have a chance with her.” I give Scott a reassuring smile. “I’ll be okay.”

            Scott’s frowning but Allison’s tugging on his sleeve to get his attention. When did we get to the door? The bouncer is this stereotypical huge, black guy. He looks like he’s going to kick my ass.

            “$25.” His voice has a rumble to it.

            I hand the money over (I love how I still had to pay even if Scott’s the one who made me go) and get this stupid green bracelet on my wrist. I follow both of them through the sweaty crowd, tons of pretty good looking girls but not Lydia-pretty. Allison pulls Scott to the dance floor immediately, leaving me standing awkwardly by myself.

            “I’ll just be…. here.” I yell to Scott. He just waves at me, grinning like a idiot. I walk through the crowd. Music is loud, pounding in my ears. Strobe lights, glow sticks, a disco ball? People still sell those? “Excuse me,” I run into a few ravers, dressed in hot pink clothes with fairy wings strapped on their backs. They don’t listen, I have to literally push them out of my way. I trip over someone’s leg and knock over this dude. He’s tanned, muscular, a total jerk and gives me a irritated look and calls me a bitch. I apologize to him and when he gets up his shoulder hits me as he basses by. “Dick.” I mumble under my breath.

            I make way through the crowd, until I reach the chairs by the wall. A few people are there but there’s enough room for me to not socialize. These couches are comfy. I should ask the owner where he bought them. I hop on the couch a bit, no one noticing me. I pull my feet up and get them settled on the cushion. Chances are, Scott and Allison will be here for a long time. Allison’s my ride home. My jeep is still in the shop.

            The people next to me leave after a half a hour. I prefer being alone. Well alone, alone. I watch everyone dancing or attempting to form some kind of dancing technique. Boys grinding girls, girls grinding guys, girls grinding girls. The bass in the building is so powerful that I feel it in my chest. It’s a strange but interesting feeling. I’m don't dance though. I’m one of those awkward dancers that after I dance I beat myself in embarrassment. I’m thirsty but the bar is too far away from me. I can wait. I’m not dehydrating at this moment.

            I scan the crowd for Scott but instead find Lydia. She’s looks more gorgeous than ever if that’s even possible. She’s wearing this short blue dress, with a yellow belt, black smoky eyes and blue pumps. She’s breathtaking and there’s Jackson. I deeply sigh. Ugh, she’s all over him. What does she even find in him? He’s not ugly but he’s a idiot. She should find someone who knows that a tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable. I roll my eyes and turn focus on Lydia again. When she smiles it kills me. She disappears in the crowd. I feel someone sit next to me, I turn around and it’s…

            “Derek.” What is he doing here?

            Derek is giving me this strange look on his face.

            I uncomfortably move away from him, inching away as much as possible.

            “Stiles.” His voice seems more pained and deeper than usual.

            “Umm… What are you doing here? Picking up girls? Recruiting more werewolves?” I half smile.

            “No.” He says, simple, direct. You have to admire him for being stoic.

            “Can you stop staring at me, dude?”

            Derek blinks and frowns at me. It’s like he just realized he was sitting by me. What is up with this guy?

            “Scott’s with Allison but you already know that right?” Still no answer. He’s wearing the same leather jacket and jeans he always wears. He’s not a bad looking dude but if he was a girl maybe I’d consider it. Although, girl Derek would beat me up more than usual. “Hmm…. Well, having fun?”

            “Stiles we need to talk.” His eyes are looking strange now.

            “You’re not going to kill me are you?” I joke. Please don’t kill me.

            Derek doesn’t answer and grabs my hand.

            “Wait!” I try to jerk my hand out of his grasp, he’s strong so that doesn’t work of course. “Oh my God. You are going to kill me!” I struggle again to get out of his grasp.

            “Stiles, stop being stupid, I’m not going to kill you.”

            “Then let me go.” I glare at him. Derek glares then his face softens a bit. My hand drops on the couch. I’m rubbing my wrist.

            “Can we talk?”

            “Yes, we are talking right now. The moving of our mouths with sounds, is talking actually.”

            He gives me the Derek irritated look number five look that means ‘Stiles, I’m going to kill you’ look.

            “I meant somewhere else.”

            I start laughing, maybe in panic, I’m not sure. “Yes but I prefer to talk in a room full of witnesses.” I glance around the crowd. Damn it, Scott.

            “Fine.” He growls.

            I settle back in the couch, clutching my legs. “What do you want to talk about?”

            He leans over the couch towards my neck, doesn’t this guy know anything about personal space, and sniffs me. “What the hell dude!?” I push him away.

            “You smell different.”

            “Like body odor?”

            “No,” Derek squints his eyes. “You smell like everyone.”

            “Well I am in a club. Bound to happen.”

            “I don’t like it.”

            “Okay, well you can go away.”

            “I don’t like people’s scent on you.” His eyes turn a dark shade of red.

            “Why?” I’m absolutely freaking out now. “Why are you even talking to me? Do you need something?” Anything, so you can go far away from me.

            “Stiles,” He holds his hand out, “Come with me. Please.” He grinds his teeth hard when he says ‘please’. It’s like it was physically painful to say please. Actually, I never heard him say please. Of course, I can say ‘no’ and run to find Scott but if Derek is saying ‘please’ maybe I should go with him? I’m sure he doesn’t say please often. I notice my hand is shaking when I reach for his hand.

            “Relax. I’m not going to bite you.” Derek grins.

            I let out a halfhearted chuckle, “Funny.” Regardless, I get up from the couch, grabbing his hand, “Not really convincing when you joke about biting me, wolf boy.” Regardless, I grab his hand and get up from the couch. I take a last look around at the club and follow Derek. My hand is clammy but his is firm, dry and rough feeling. No clamminess whatsoever.

            It’s amazing how he just flows through the crowd. Not knocking into anyone, not even a slight brush of the shoulder. Me, on the other hand, stumble and step on some poor girl’s feet. Well, she should have harder shoes.

            We actually go towards the back door instead of the entranced. I don’t trust the guy but I know if he kills me, Scott definitely won’t join his pack.

            He pushes the exit door, hmm no alarm. Of course it’s the back alley, cold wind hits me hard. I let go of his hand and rub my arms. I look up, the sky is clearer now. I jump when I feel something heavy on my shoulders. It’s his jacket.

            “Umm… thanks.” I put my arms in the sleeves. I breath in deeply, too obvious. The jacket smells like woods and some non-specified spice-like smell. This is Derek’s jacket. Pretty much the only item he owns. Aside from the numerous wife beaters. Why’s he acting so strange? I glance at him his gaze is too tense, his eyes are blue with greenish brown speckles. How am I just realizing this now?

            My cheeks feel hot, I’m blushing. He already notices, quick think of something.

            “So…. You wanted to talk to me?” Smooth, Stiles.

            Derek’s jaw twitches and he looks away.

            “Oh… kay…”

            Derek’s looking everywhere but my eyes. His eyes end up resting on my neck.

            I sigh, “Derek, thanks for the jacket but why are we out here? Why did you BRING me out here? You’re acting more weight than usual. You’re giving me your jacket and hold---.”

            Derek’s kissing me. His lips are on my lips. Moving. Surprisingly soft moving, not rough and aggressive. I’m leaning into the kiss, his stubble is scratching my cheeks. His hands are moving up the lengths of his jacket around my neck and in my hair tightly pulling. I unconsciously let out a small moan. Derek’s smiling and deepens the kiss even more. A trash can drops nearby, I break the kiss and look over his shoulder. A kid is on the ground giggling while his two friends are laughing at him.

            I look back at Derek and I just realize we were kissing. Lips, lips of Derek! He’s just staring at me and not the typical antisocial staring, it’s more like… want? Confusion? Shock?

            “Why did you kiss me?” I whisper, searching in his eyes for some clue, some answer. I find nothing.

            He raises his hand to my cheek, “Been wanting to.”

            I lean into his hand then wake up. “Wanting to? Why, why me? you know, I like girls right? and you--- you hate me. What the hell, Derek!? I can’t help but freak out. “Out of no where? Tonight, when I don’t look like a tomboy, when I have my makeup and hair done?” I’m ranting like a insane person. I’m already pacing back and forth and he’s not saying a word.

            “It’s not just tonight that I wanted to, Stiles.” Derek staring at me with icey blue eyes this time. My God, are his eyes mood rings?

            “Do you mean you like me? Because you have a funny way of showing it.” Repeated incidents of him pushing me into the wall, threatenting me. Twice, he’s throw my head into the steering wheel.

            “I’ve liked you since you’ve met.”

            I’m at lost for words. Rare.

            Derek chuckles, “For once, Stiles is silent.”

            “You are…” he’s finding something to say, “my mate.”

            “Your mate….” I’m still lost. “Right.”

            “so, this whole time of threatening me, shoving and bounching my head off steering wheels, it’s flirting?”

            Derek sighs. He better have a explanation. “I’ve been denying it but tonight seeing you, seeing people looking at you… Smelling like so many people just made me realize I do….” He doesn’t say anything else.

            “Do what?  Don’t hate me? You care about me?” I’m stepping up to him looking dead into his face. “I’m not your ‘mate’.” I take off his jacket, “Here. I don’t need it.” I push it roughly in his chest and walk away.

            Derek doesn’t go after me. Not sure if I’m surprised or disappointed he didn’t. I rub my arms and go back to the club. Instead of finding somewhere to sit or Scott, I just sit by the exit door clutching my legs.

            The kiss was amazing. I can’t even lie or deny it. It was my first kiss. Derek was my first kiss.

            The door besides me opens, the cold air fills the hot, humid back room for a brief moment. I know by not looking it’s Derek. He did come after me. I’m staring at the hole on the wall. Wonder what happened. Someone tripped, got mad or simply an accident moving equipment.

            I feel him sit next to me, his shoulders touching mine. He runs his hand down his jeans and lays it there, open. A invitation. I love Lydia. Completely, pathethically in love with her. She’s never noticed me. Well…. I like to like of it as never being on her radar.

            Derek, he’s…. Derek.  Never looked at him, only saw him as ‘sourwolf’. What I can’t understand is why now? Why tonight? Why me? There are gorgeous women out there. Hell, Erica is smoking hot and she’s part of the pack. I’m just… human. Just Stiles.

            Derek’s always been annoying to me and too intimidating. Always being a dick to me, always creeping around.

            I stare at his hand. I slowly reach over and place my hand atop his. I curl my fingers between his, his hand is warm. My heart is pounding so hard. He can probably feel and hear it.

            “Calm down,” he whispers.

            Weirdly my body does. It’s something in his voice or wolf powers that makes my body calm down. It’s like witchcraft or wolfcraft. I chuckle.


            I look over to Derek, I give him a small smile. “Nothing.” I dare to gently squeeze his hand. His eyes are more softer than usual, he looks so different. I have a feeling that this is a side of Derek no one sees much of.

            The music in the building is still shaking the floor and walls. I’m just staring at our entwined hands, in shock, in amazement. I can feel Derek looking at me again but then again, when isn’t he not?

            “Do you ever get tired of staring?”


            Simple, one word response.

            I jump when a couple burst through the door, heading towards the exit door. They stumble towards me, the girl laughing and the boy is popping a few pills in his mouth. The girl is blonde, with black highlights, wearing this light green dress. Her boobs are spilling out, nice boobs actually. The guy’s in some tshirt and jeans with holes on the bottom. They almost step on me but Derek suddenly growls at them, red eyes glowing. They seem to sober up for a moment and take off through the exit door.

            “So, what is this?” I look down at our hands back to his face, eyes still glowing red. He closes his eyes a few seconds before opening them again, his eyes are back to normal. I want mood eyes.

            He lets go of my hand and I feel strange without the contact.

            “Whatever you want it to be.” He looks down.

            “Do you…. I mean….”

            “Yes.” Derek raises his head, looks straight in my eyes to hold my eye contact. I feel a chill. I know it’s not from the cold outside.


            “You are familiar with the term soulmate? In a way you are my—”

            “Mate, mate?”

            He nods.

            “Oh.” I honestly don’t know what to say. “What if I don’t want to be?”
            He looks like I stabbed him in the kidneys. “I’ll respect your decision. Humans, especially younger people are more difficult to have mates with.”

            I feel offended but before I say anything he tells me, “You have a lot of people you might be with.”

            “That’s if someone actually likes me. Even if by some miracle someone does like me, what will you do? Move on? Pine for me?”


            I scoff, “Seriously?” Another nod. “That’s depressing. I’m sure you can find someone else. I mean, you were with Kat—” Shit. Derek’s jaw twitches. “I’m so sorry. I’m stupid, I forgot about her. I—”

            “She wasn’t may mate. We only have one mate for life. You are mine.”

            “Wow, this buckets full of craziness right now. How can you say that to people and expect them to respond back? Normal people don’t do that but then, we don’t live normal lives. I lean over, raising my hand to turn Derek’s face to kiss him. It’s quick and I pull away a few inches from his mouth.

            “And you are mine?” Hot air is building between us.

            “Yes.” His voice is trained, like he’s struggling to not get closer.

            Someone is mine. That someone is Derek. I smile and continue kissing him. We lose track of time. Hair pulling, lip biting, which I freaked out about being turned. You’re fine. The crowds are dispersing music is over.

            Derek’s lifting his face up from my neck, “Scott’s coming,” he gets up from the floor. I follow, dismissing his offering hand. I brush off the dust on the back of my pants and fix my shirt. My shirt is wrinkled, my hair is a mess but Derek is slightly smiling at me. He should smile more. His teeth is white, too bright white and he has buckteeth. It’s cute.

            “Do we tell Scott?””

            “If you want, he will smell me on you. It’d be obvious.”

            “Knowing Scott, he’ll not realize it. Alyson will probably know.” He actually chuckles. Holy shit. “So are we…” I wave my hands back and forth between us.

            “If you want to be.”

            I’m frustrated, “Derek, just ask me out of at least say we are official!” It seems ridiculous to rant about what this thing is between us but I’ve never had anyone who wants me. It’s foreign and weird. It’s surreal but Derek is there. Leather jacket, white teeth piercing blue eyes with green flecks and huge eyebrows. I can’t say I didn’t look at him. Since I’ve crushed on Lydia forever I never noticed anyone. Derek could be my Lydia. Derek could be my Derek.

            “We are together now,” he says with that deep voice of his, “Offically.” He does a small barely there smirk.

            I lean close to him and kiss him softy, I part his lips and smile looking at him, “Awesome.”

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