rock salt, pie & winchesters. (___confused) wrote,
rock salt, pie & winchesters.


Trying to see if I can borrow money from people for NASHCON. I ordered the tickets and a Misha photo but… I guess being the spoiled person I am, I decided hey… maybe borrow money to get either J2 photo or J2 photo with a 2nd Misha photo or just Misha photo and autograph.


My mom is freaking out about it, I’m like if I can travel overseas by myself (first time EVER) and do all the stuff I did for 3 months… I should handle going to Nashville. So she started getting emotional and started to cry and said she didnt want me to go. I’m like… Come on. How old am I?

If only I can sell my body.


What’s so wrong to continue to have life goals before you die? What’s wrong from wanting things after the next? If you are raised like that, it’s hard not to just… not want things. IMO. Idk.


Tags: mom, nashcon, supernatural

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