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WHY I LOVE T-SHIRT HELL [WARNING: language srsly language.]

From: Kelly M.

like school in the summertime......NO CLASS. You people are obviously Democrats.

Editor's Note: You're like a snow cone stand in the middle of winter: a stupid fucking cunt. Wait... that doesn't make any sense.

Anyway, on top of nailing us with that delicious pun, you also correctly guessed that we're Democrats. Just like that other guy correctly guessed that we're Republicans.

"How can they both be right?" says the dumbass. It's very simple. We are everything and we are nothing. We are everywhere and we are nowhere. We are that which cannot be defined or categorized. Unless you call us indifferent, in which case you pretty much nailed it.


From: Carmen

ignorant republican cunt. even if you were smart enough to have tshirts aimed toward liberals, they still would be equally lame. your site design sorta sucks balls to. vote obama you bush loving twat


Editor's Note: How dare you call me an "ignorant republican cunt"! I am only one of those things. And since I'm not registered you have a 50/50 chance of getting this right. Oh okay, I'll tell you. It was cunt. However, I do my best to avoid attaining any new knowledge or education. What? It's not like I need to know the name of the Governor of America in order to climax.

Depending on when you read this, I'm not going to vote Obama/I didn't vote Obama. And it's not just because I'm a convicted felon and have an irrational fear of waking up early enough to vote. I don't vote because I don't believe in rewarding mediocrity.

You people don't seem to get that our politicians are going to remain mediocre as long as we hold them to no standard other than "Republican or Democrat." Seriously, Democrats and Republicans could've made brain-damaged chimps their respective candidates and they would've received as many votes as Obama and McCain. Just remember to paint the chimps red and blue so I know which one will better pander to my needs.

At this point, I would vote for a batshit crazy candidate simply because I would know he wasn't just telling me what I want to hear. "What's that? Your platform is forcing every American citizen to cut off their own nipples and eat them? Wow...there is no way that guy is pandering. You've got my vote, guy with a hat made of used tampons."


From: Steph

Thank you for proving what pieces of slime Obama supporters are with your tshirt. Thanks to your tshirt exposing what POS support Obama 3 more independents are now voting for McCain. Obama voters kill babies.
Editor's Note: Don't make such broad generalizations. I'm not voting for Obama and I've killed more babies than my local Arby's knows what to do with. You know who else isn't voting for Obama? God. And when you add up all the miscarriages and stillbirths throughout history, that guy's numbers put Planned Parenthood to shame. Combine that with the fact that God is the one who allows those damn liberals to kill babies in the first place, and you reach the conclusion that God is a bit of a cunt.
This email kind of goes back to what I was saying earlier. Here we have three people who are, at least on paper, adults, and they are voting for a candidate because a fucking T-shirt hurt their feelings. "John McCain's wha? Policies? I don't know what that means, but shirt make me feel bad!"
A shirt which doesn't even imply that we support Obama, despite what you conclusion-jumping assholes may think. Wal-Mart sells books and fitness equipment. Do you think they care about literacy and health? No, businesses care about profit. This is not, this is fucking T-Shirt Hell. McCain voters don't kill enough babies.

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