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My mission is to get at least 4 people converted to Supernatural.

This show is awesome. I'm not a great writer and I could post to really good convincing reasons why you should convert to Winchesterism. Which I'm going to but... point aside, it's a great show.

It's on it's third season. So catch up as much as you can.  For you ISU-ers it's at the library. Seasons one and two.

The others could watch at Peekvid or download at tvfreeload.

Dead in the Water.
[For Angel fans, the lovely Amy Acker is on it.]

The links should be updated. At least watch the first three.

My favorites are Dead in the Water, Bloody Mary[Scared me and still scares me], Home [who doesn't love poltergeists?], Faith[Has Julie Benz on it!] and Devil's Trap.

I love all but I'm just pointing out good ones I love.

Now for convincing...

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