September 21st, 2004


Green Bitch!!

WESLEY: Which only supports my theory. You must be here in an advisory capacity.

GUNN: I think I'm here in a chop that green bitch's head off capacity, and I don't give a damn about no test!


Does it have to mean something?

BUFFY: I don’t know how you felt about last night but I will not—

SPIKE: Terrified.

BUFFY: Of what?

SPIKE: Last night was… God, I’m such a jerk. I can’t do this.

BUFFY: Spike…

SPIKE: It was the best night of my life. If you poke fun at me, you bloody well better use that ’cause I couldn’t bear it. It may not mean that much to you but—

BUFFY: I just told you it did.

SPIKE: Yeah, I hear you say it but… I’ve lived for soddin’ ever, Buffy. I’ve done everything. I’ve done things with you I can’t spell… but I’ve never been close… to anyone. Least of all you. Until last night. All I did was hold you, watch you sleep… and it was the best night of my life. So yeah, I’m terrified.

BUFFY: You don’t have to be.

SPIKE: Were you there with me?

BUFFY: I was.

SPIKE: What does that mean?

BUFFY: I don’t know. Does it have to mean something?

SPIKE: No, not right now.

BUFFY: Maybe when…

SPIKE: No, let’s just leave it.

BUFFY: Okay.

SPIKE: We’ll go be heroes.