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'Serenity' - My opinion and rants.

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Can I just say, JOSS IS A ASSHOLE. Seriously I hate him... *cries* Ok....

Saw the movie today, of course. And here's my review...

It's been a long time, since I've seen the 'Firefly' series... I miss it. So I might end up buying the series.

I found a new ship: MAL & INARA.
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I love them.

Nathan Fillon is the hottest guy in the future world? HAHA. I love his bod. Inara is so gorgeous. Jayne is still 'Halmition' in my mind, but only hotter on this movie. Yum. Kalyee and Simon finally hook up. I love what Kalyee said when Simon finally admitted that he liked her and she goes 'like sex?' and he's like 'yeah.' and then she says 'theres no way i'm going to die. i can't.' its so funny.

I hate they killed the preacher. I really wished they killed that evil black dude that kept trying to kill them. But no... They didn't. Like with BTVS, they didn't kill Kennedy but they killed Anya. Speaking of anya, they killed WASH! Yeah. I started bawling, seriously, no waahhhh- crying, crying softly & dying a little inside. I hate you Joss! I really liked the whole relationship between Wash/Zoe. It was a cute, sweet interracial couple. and Joss tore it apart... That basterd.. *grumbles*

River kicks ass. I love the fighting scenes. Except for the ones when people that I LIKE die. *cough* Wash *cough* But she rocks. And I KNEW Anine was evil, or at least hides sublimmanial messages. I knew it.

BUT, Overall the movie is 4/5 said stars. It would've been 4.5 but... since Wash died. No. No .5 star. Will I buy the movie? Probaly not, because it's too sad for me. but I'll buy the DVD set. In theory.
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