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26 August
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You’ll find through talking to me that I am not your stereo typical version of a “girly-girl.” I’m not one for dresses and make-up; I can most often be found with a hat on. I am the definition of comfort in my book. I have a very open mind and have lived an open lifestyle all of my life. I am learning more and more each and every day how to love myself and to share that love with others. When I love, I love with all of me and I hold nothing back. I believe that true love doesn’t have a definition, a mold to fit in, sexuality, an age limit, a race, or a culture. When I find that special someone, it is for their inner being, their true self, not for what everyone else can see on the outside. When I fall in love it is for what I can see on the inside. I have many layers, and few, if any, get to see through them all.

I've set up many blogs and they've all been so superficial that it pains me to go back and read them. This is my new start at trying to let the words flow as I feel them...holding nothing back.