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Today was semi-mediocre with a good spot or two. That good spot was brunch with Kevin, Dante, Joey, Alex, Anna, and Shannon at B & B Diner, even though I was kind of in a shitty mood about the aforementioned crap. Too bad no one can think of anything to do on my birthday, aside from having a gigantic orgy. I told my mom about how me, Kevin, Dante, Brendon, Rhett, Joey, and Alex are all hanging out on my birthday, and she was acting stupid about it. I guess she thinks I'm gonna get gang raped or something. Gang banged is more like it.

  • I bought some Chucks last night. I feel like I sold out to myself cause I swore I'd never get a pair, but they're comfortable as fuck.

  • My grades are all over the place! So far, two of my exams have included apology letters for being such a horrible student.

  • I wore neon yellow/green fishnets over aqua tights today with a grey pleated skirt, and it was the greatest thing ever. Another reason why my shoes don't suck -- they looked amazing.

  • I am SO. FREAKING. TIRED. OF SHOPPING. Too bad I've only gotten stuff for my mom already. gah.

  • Cash by Johnny Cash, AKA THE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL, is fucking great. I love it.

  • my mom is talking about my Christmas gifts with my sister on the phone right now, BUT SHE'S BEING TOO VAGUE FOR ME TO FIGURE ANYTHING OUT.

  • I think my dad is getting me a pair of Gucci aviators like his for Christmas. AHHH!(#&@^&($

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