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dad [talking about the air conditioner, and how it needs to be replaced($5,000!)]: " see, this entire thing is nigger-rigged-- well, I don't like using that term. let's just say it's Polish-rigged."
apparently the woman we bought the house from was a stupid motherfucker with a taste for the cheapest things [air conditioners, pool filters, etc] possible.
so I went to the vaginer doctor the other day, and apparently I have a healthy cooter. I'm also on the pill again cause of my cramps from hell.
blingblingmarina: hey, guess what kind of birth control I have
Kermitt331: i dont know
blingblingmarina: it's this plastic ring w/ the BC shit in it, and I stick it up my cooter and change it every three weeks
Kermitt331: oh yea ive heard of that
Kermitt331: does it hurt or feel weird
blingblingmarina: I can't feel it. I hope I don't forget about it.
The exam room smelled like poom poom [sp?], like whoa. While my doctor was doing his thing, I asked him if he could look at a vagina and tell whether or not it was a patient of his. Kind of like how a person's face makes you think of his/her name and all that jazz. He said no, unless it [the vagina] was upside-down or something crazy/awesome like that.
I still need ideas for Halloween, plz. =/
and remember, I work in a restaurant that parents often bring their kids to, so none of that bondage cop crap. thanks anyway, Travis =)
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