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holy shit!
you don't have to read all that mumbo-jumbo at the top. just scroll down to the highlighter thing.

So last night Mike picked me up at around 11 and we went to a football game at Boone for a little bit and then downtown. It was pretty fun. Some guy on a bike took us from Lake Eola to an art gallery on Orange; we stayed there for half an hour or so and then went to go get some sushi. After that we went to my work, where he filled out an application and I ate my sushi. When we were leaving, he did that awesome 360turnmoviechasething twice. BEST EVER. I bet he thinks I'm a complete idiot now cause I couldn't stop laughing afterwards.

football game at school. when we got there, we sat with University instead of the Boone side. We went to the Boone side later on, though. We didn't want to be associated with the losing team.

he parked on the curb, facing the opposite direction as everyone else. fucking awesome.

and then this.


this is supposed to be some kind of Vespa superstore, but there was one in the entire store.

in the back of the gallery. Mike bears a strange resemblance to Jesus, but you can't really tell from that angle.
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