Marina (___collapse) wrote,

Decades Day for Spirit Week: Spence decided to go old school. Make sure you get a good look at his bulge. He was sent home for dress code later on.

trying to cover up in English.

Adam was a greaser. All he needed was a switchblade to comb his hair with.

Rhett and Kevin [80s guy and John Mackinroe (I'm not gonna try to spell his name correctly.)]


Nikki doesn't have school spirit. cunt.

Liz went 80s.


I think Justin has ADHD

he cut my hair and used it as a mustasche.

he's awesome. he gives me paper and lets me poke him.

a folder. don't ask.

and then Abbis xxxcrueltyxxx and I went to the mall. Good times to the max. I spent $250. I'm a baller.

so cute

my homecoming was tonight, so a bunch of people went to Cheesecake Factory or something.

haha, we're hot

I thought he was gonna jump in. He kept trying to push his little brother in. It was funny.

that guy's masturbating and licking his arm. fucking weird. $150 for a pair of underwear. geez.
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