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me: Hey mom, you wanna see what I got my friend Kevin for his birthday?
mom: What is it?
me: You know that DVD on the counter?
mom: The one wrapped in Santa Claus paper?
me: Yeah, I got him some porn from Fairvilla!
mom: What?
me: I gave my friend $40 to hook it up!
mom: Who?
me: An 18 year-old.
dad: I thought you had to be 21 to buy that stuff?
me: No, dad, the party starts when you're 18.

hahahaaaaa, I totally went to Fairvilla today with Rhett. I was definitely IN for about 10 seconds before they carded me. It was like a totally different world in there. But anyway -- I HAVE MY FIRST VIBRATOR. or two. and some porn, and, of course...

I feel sorry for anyone who didn't look.
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