December 13th, 2003


birthday dinner?

Friday was the most amazing day EVER. I spent my 6th period having a scissor fight with Justin [I have a giant cut on my hand! we are insane.] and smashing pencils on my forehead. I can do two at a time now! Justin was about to do three, but my teacher made him stop cause we were "acting like animals." psh. In fourth period we were watching Clash of the Titans, and everyone in the world freaked out when I pointed out that my Grandpa had an affair with Ursula Andress. I would post pictures of the cut on my hand, me and Justin with scissors, Kevin looking sharp as hell in Latin, etc, but I'm lazy as shit.
I had dinner with my mom, uncle, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew at some Fondue place earlier. It was amazing and I definitely gained 8,000 lbs. just LOOKING at everything. I had filet mignon for dinner, and I definitely DON'T hate it anymore. Afterwards, we all went to Target cause my sister had to return some crap. After me, Eddie, and Gabriel dropped Audrey off, he dropped me and Gabriel off at my work for a little bit so we could grab some MORE food and go to Great Clips to get some hair crap. Eddie let me drive home and I totally floored it on Primrose. I love their car. I have exams next week and they're gonna blow. Especially for American History and Latin. I don't know ANYTHING for those classes.
I think I'm going Christmas shopping with Liz and Brooke tomorrow, but they might have to study all day for exams, which sucks.
Earlier I found out that Audrey and Eddie told Gabriel the truth about Santa Claus, which is HILARIOUS. "I bust my ass the entire year and some white guy with a weight problem is gonna take credit for it? Fuck that." -my sister. He also knows that there's no tooth fairy or easter bunny. He's a funny kid. For some reason he clips coupons and carries them around in his pockets. Audrey and Eddie will be out somewhere, about to pay for something, and Gabriel will be like, "Wait, I think I have a coupon for here!" He's 6 year old.
summary for people too lazy to read: my nephew is awesome, I love my family, fondue is AMAZING, and my Grandpa had an affair with Ursula Andress.
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