December 7th, 2003



What is with me having crazy experiences at the library? Today while I was there with Brooke and some other people in our group for American History, there were two people having sex in the 3rd floor womens restroom. You could hear the thumps, moans, and flushes [in an effort to cover up the noise] OUTSIDE of the bathroom. Through TWO doors. Too bad the librarians wised up to their antics and had a cop make them cut it out. It was really funny/awkward when me and Brooke went in there. They were just hanging out in one of the stalls, waiting for us to leave. This totally beats the time when the homeless woman crapped with the door wide open.

me: I heard people having sex at the library
Pegapotamus: oh SICK
me: oh AWESOME is more like it

Tomorrow morning Brooke is picking me up at 7:30 so we can stuff our faces at Burger King and then finish our project sometime before fifth period. Good times will be had by all.
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