November 28th, 2003


in the end, my arms were too short to catch you, anyway.

First order of business: FRIENDS LIST CUT! Now get the fuck out.

  • Thanksgiving was awesome. My sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and uncle all came over. For once, not every single one of my living relatives was present, which was a nice change.

  • I fucking hate shopping!

  • I've been watching my Saved by the Bell seasons 1 & 2 dvd NON-STOP over the past few days, and it's amazing.
  • After chess club the other day, Dante let me borrow his Henry Rollins spoken word cd, which I've listened to twice already this weekend. It's cool as fuck. We're both reading Solipsist right now, which is really weird/funny [not the book, shithead.]. I've been highlighting in my copy nonstop.

  • The other day I was trying to blow my nose and some kind of clear liquid came out of my left eye. Something is definitely wrong with my sinuses and I would like to know what.


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    the Henry Rollins cd Dante made me borrow