November 16th, 2003


I love Mike!

Mike picked me up at around 10:00 and we hung out until around midnight. We went over to his house, I cuddled with Napoleon on the couch, watched a few minutes of The Ring, went to my work to get a pizza, walked over to Walgreen's, saw Ashley Herrerreareera and Natalie Keller and stopped to talk, went back to my house and had a picnic in my front yard. I took a few pictures.

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it was very fun and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him.

edit: today I got my nails [hands AND feet] done, but I forgot to take pictures. Oh well. I have a lime green and white french manicure on my hands, and a normal french manicure thing on my feet. it's awesome.
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Kevin: You snake in the grass!
Brandon: No, it's nigger in the field!

ok, so I did this thing on the Princeton Review website to find out what schools would be good for me. Michigan State, UCF, and Northeastern [wtf is Northeastern?] are supposed to be my safety schools, and Rollins, FSU, Miami, Ithaca, and a few others are supposed to be my good matches. I don't fucking get it. My GPA is like 2.0. I don't do a fucking thing in half of my classes. Either that site's messed up, or my PSAT scores alone are gonna get me into a good school. I doubt it's the latter.
The only bad part about chess club is Dante beating me in 10 minutes on Friday. What is that shit? I should definitely pay more attention when I'm playing and not take two seconds to decide on where to go.
My mom and my sister are on speaking terms again, which means
a. I am one happy motherfucker, and
b. Me, my mom, and my sister are all making dinner on Thanksgiving. Good times will be had by all.