November 14th, 2003


take me seriously.

I really hate it when bitches jack my shit [I'M TALKIN' TO YOU.] and forget to take their chill pills all in the same week. or month, maybe? I'm not keeping track.
Last night after work I had the sudden urge to get bangs, so I headed over to Great Clips next door and cut the shit out of my hair. Now I have bangs like when I was a little kid! and I dyed my hair black. it looks craaaazy. now I can wear bright red lipstick and look halfway decent cause of my hair color. I'm gonna take pictures of it tomorrow or something.* I got some good and some bad ["bad?" haha, who am I kidding? it looks awesome and everyone in the entire world loves it, along with me.] comments at school today. Speaking of school, I have a fucking 97 in Anatomy! Score!

oh, and I just noticed this on my guestbook:
your site sucks and your way ugly.

from Krystle

hahahha, right after I called her out on RMO for stealing from everyone in the world! awesome. too bad she looks like a chemo patient and has no room to talk.** [zing!]

* Is it just me, or do I say this a lot in entries and never keep my word? that means don't get your hopes up.
** [insert apology for anyone who may or may not be offended]
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