November 4th, 2003


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Friday I went to work as a dentist, not too much happened then, except for the cunt at Publix asking how many months preggers I am. Time for me to stop being a heifer.
Saturday Worked for a few hours; nothing happened then, either.
Sunday Went downtown, spent $90 in the OVAL gallery on Orange [pictures later], gave $10 to one old man and $15 and half of my sub to another homeless guy. I cried in front of the latter, which made me feel very lame later on, but who fucking cares.
Monday I got to school really early, it was raining, inside the 100 building I fell and I couldn't get up [I could get up. I just wanted to say that.], went home, laid on a heating pad all day, couldn't sit down, got Darvocet from the doctor. this is some serious shit, man. to the girls reading this -- you know your PC muscles that Cosmo won't shut up about? well uh, mine don't work anymore, in the sense that whenever I have to go pee, there's no waiting around and holding it in. AT ALL. I have to go RIGHT THEN as soon as first feel like I have to pee. it's difficult to explain. It hurts RIGHT down the center of my crack, but not when I touch it or anything. my doctor didn't take x-rays =/
Tuesday not a fucking thing.

I'm gonna end up taking either violin or cello lessons soon. imput on which instrument is sexier, please. I'm definitely leaning towards cello.
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