November 3rd, 2003


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I've got a ton of shit to write about [all of which is meaningless and stupid], but you should check out my layout since my lack of a good work ethic makes me unable to gather my thoughts and write about the aforementioned meaningless and stupid shit. my birthday is in a couple of months; that's always a plus. but then again, I still won't be old enough to buy porn [legally] so who fucking cares? I wanna be able to buy cigarettes for eight-year-olds; I want to participate in all of the magical things that come with being legal! magical = things pertaining to buying porn and frequenting strip clubs. Plus buying the company of a hooker or two, if and when I go to Vegas. I should be reading up on early Christian art right now for art history. =/

[music cont'd: ...all nerds who wear inhalers around our necks, you know.]
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    the sound of me wheezing (yeah, fuckers, I have asthma. I bet you never would've guessed. We aren't