October 25th, 2003


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holy shit!
you don't have to read all that mumbo-jumbo at the top. just scroll down to the highlighter thing.

So last night Mike picked me up at around 11 and we went to a football game at Boone for a little bit and then downtown. It was pretty fun. Some guy on a bike took us from Lake Eola to an art gallery on Orange; we stayed there for half an hour or so and then went to go get some sushi. After that we went to my work, where he filled out an application and I ate my sushi. When we were leaving, he did that awesome 360turnmoviechasething twice. BEST EVER. I bet he thinks I'm a complete idiot now cause I couldn't stop laughing afterwards.
I took pictures.Collapse )
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    number seven on the Mars Volta cd. I can't remember the title.