October 23rd, 2003


unimportant things that you can scroll right past if you have to. but I'll take it personally.

My dad and Shelby and JT George's dad are in my living room talking about guitars, my mom is at work letting her heart freeze over and her mental health deteriorate, Icarus and PB are in the backyard chasing each other, neurotic Toonces [remember old school SNL? THAT'S where you've heard the name.] is watching them from the fence with a psychotic fire in her eyes, and I'm sitting here writing with a bowl of mac and cheese [with tuna in it. 800 ownage points for me.] in front of me when I should be doing homework or studying for a gigantic anatomy test I have next week. I've only gone to school a day and a half this week, and I think I'm likin' it.
Mike and Derek showed up at lunch on Friday, so after swinging by Ms. Hilley's room to see her and her clock [remember the giant hanging clock in the food court of Fashion Square Mall? it's in her classroom now.], we [Mike, Derek, Nikki, Darcy, and I] went to Donatos and Mike's house to watch Family Guy. good times were had by all.
I'm being forced to dress up as something for Halloween at my work. I need suggestions.
comment or die.

1. I just finished giving Icarus a bath and he's sitting in my lap, wrapped in a towel. he didn't mind the water at all. I think he might be retarded or something. He doesn't really know his name, and the other day he ran straight into the fence in the backyard while he was chasing a squirrel.
2.a. Nikki's supposed to get her liscense tomorrow. This means we'll probably be hanging out this weekend.
2.b. I should get my liscense.
3. I think my dad wants to get a reverend or something to come to my house because of the ghost. he's [the ghost] been getting a little too bold lately.
4. I can't force myself to care about grades, college, standardized tests, etc., with the exception of...
5. I forgot to sign up for the PSATs the other day. Oh well. Last year [my sophomore year] I got 63 on the verbal section and 57 on the math section. is this good or bad, and what can I do [specific things.] to not be an idiot? once again, comment.
6. "Sierra" is a great song.
7. I'm already tired of this layout and it's only a day or two old.
8. Elliot Smith?!
9. I'm gonna go play Sims.

it would be great if you could do this, but it's ok if you're too lazy. hell, it even intimidates me.Collapse )
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