October 16th, 2003


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last night was so awesome. Melissa Nicole Reid came over to my work at about 7:30, and Adam Burton, Liz Burkhart, and True Lawton picked us up to go to the movies. We had to go by my house, though, so I could pick up some underwear. I was wearing pants at work [and I don't wear undies with pants/shorts], but I brought a skirt to change into whenever I clocked out. so yeah. I was totally freeballin' in a skirt for a little while. Darcy Huff, Mike Andrew Smith, Derek "it's so big" Houston [ha], Dante Lima, Brendan Barnes, and Raquel [I don't know her last name.] went too, but they were seeing a different movie [Kill Bill]. We saw School of Rock. Actually, Liz, Adam, and True saw School of Rock. Me and Nikki left after the first hour or so to see Kill Bill. It was awesome. Afterwards, we all congregated around Darcy and Raquel's cars and talked/had sex. At this point my camera decided to stop working. Liz, Adam, and True had to leave early, so the rest of us were gonna go to Sonic. I rode with Dante, Nikki, and Mike. It ended up being closed, so everyone drove to some gas station where Nikki, Dante, Brendan, and I said our goodbyes to everyone else and left. Dante and Brendan gave me and Nikki a ride to my house. Nikki left this morning, and my dad and I went to Denny's and went shopping. I bought 3 Gabriel Garcia Marquez books: Love in the Time of Cholera in Spanish for my Grandma, Collected Novellas, and The General in His Labyrinth.

  • On the way to the theater, some guys in the car next to us were making eyes at me and blowing kisses. I thought it was funny, so I blew one back. They were making phone motions with their hands, insinuating that they wanted my phone number, so we got the hell out of there. As True put it, they "wanted a piece of the Marina Pie."

  • I'm sick as hell right now.

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