October 6th, 2003


I hope to God my mom doesn't still read this.

ARGH, I fucking hate going to the doctor! I've had this insane pain in my foot for the past few days, and I went to get it "fixed" today. I ended up having to get a shot in my ankle with this 8 foot long needle.
Rhett's supposed to be taking me to Fairvilla on Wednesday after school, which should be FUCKING AWESOME. I'm gonna buy all of the porn, vibrators, etc that I can get my hands on! I hope they don't card me. I think I'll get Kevin something for his birthday while I'm there. I've got my heart set on this or this. they're both $30, though. there's also a blow-up sheep that I'd kill to have. looks like I'm gonna break the bank with this little shopping excursion. =/
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