September 25th, 2003


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I have too much to say and too mediocre a command of the English language to put it all into words.
take a really deep breath, let aaaalllll of the air out of your lungs, don't breathe for about a minute, and then take a breath. that feelingis what I felt in my chest for most of today, and that's as far as my explanation goes.

  • I cried today at school for the first time since middle school [I think]

  • I'm almost completely sure that everything I got my hopes about [even after I said I wouldn't (see previous cryptic posts, plz.)] went to complete shit today, at least on my side of the spectrum.
  • I love how no one has any idea who I'm talking about, with the exception of Nikki and whoever's observant/an attentive listener/nosy.
  • I'm tired of things not working out for me. things = matters with the opposite sex. I bet I wouldn't have this problem if I weren't such a pussy and I could approach someone/have a conversation/not being a complete idiot.
  • staring [and dropping subtle hints to people who don't matter] is getting redundant.

come the fuck on.

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    The End of An Era; Hopesfall