September 24th, 2003



K-GUNS: "10,000 guys walk into a bar. Wow, what a popular bar."

AK40KEVIN: "A horse walks into a bar. the bartender asks, 'Why the long face?' the horse goes, 'because I'm a horse.'"

Commander Cool: "A three-legged dog walks into the bar. bartender asks, 'what can I do for you?' the dog goes, 'I'm looking for the guy who shot my paw.' P-Funk [Mr. Allen] original."

my ass is entirely too large. me, diet, now. maybe if I'm lucky my boobs will get smaller.

...In reality they were distracted letters, intended to keep the coals alive without actually putting her hand in the fire, while Florentino Ariza burned himself alive in every line.*

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is the only author whose books I highlight in.

*story of my life.
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